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We updated our Terms of Service on 10/8/2023.

We value your privacy significantly. This privacy policy outlines the personal information we gather from our application, how we utilize this information, potential sharing practices, and the intended purposes. We also detail your rights and options regarding using the data we access.

In this Privacy Policy, when we mention "us," "we," or "our," we are referring to Discount Prime. The terms "you" and "your" are used to address either you as an individual user of our website and application or to refer to the business entity you are authorized to represent.

This Privacy Policy outlines our general practices when you use or interact with our application, website, customer support services, and any additional service offerings provided by Discount Prime, collectively referred to as our "Services".

If you are accessing this website from the European Union, the United Kingdom, or any other location within the European Economic Area, please refer to the additional GDPR Privacy Statement provided below.

Remember that this Privacy Policy covers just our practices with our business customers and app users. We, along with our hosting providers and other trusted subcontractors, cannot exert control over, and therefore cannot assume responsibility for, any data collection and utilization carried out by third parties, including operators of the e-commerce platforms you utilize, providers of third-party services integrated with your online stores or systems, as well as the practices of merchants employing our App on their websites. We strongly advise you to refer to the privacy statements of these third parties to gain insight into their privacy procedures.

Please be aware that this Privacy Policy explicitly addresses our procedures regarding our business clients and users of our website. Neither we nor our hosting providers nor trusted subcontractors can manage or take responsibility for data collection and usage by third parties, which includes operators of e-commerce platforms you utilize, providers of third-party services you incorporate into your online stores or systems, and the practices of merchants using our App on their websites. It's recommended that you review the privacy policies of these third parties to comprehend their data handling practices.

Personal Information the App Collects

- Name and Contact Details

We gather personal information in the form of your name and contact details. This data is collected during Service sign-up or App installation and includes details like your first and last name, business name, email address, postal address, phone number, account name, and similar identifiers.

Please note: We do not knowingly collect information from individuals under 13 years old, and individuals under 18 are not permitted to become customers of our Services.

How Do We Use it:

We utilize this information for various purposes, including authentication to grant you access to our Services, billing, and customer support. Additionally, we use it to fulfill your requested Services, like incorporating your branding into specific screen displays or adding your contact information to automated messages for your customers when you configure such actions. Communication with you regarding account matters and administrative issues related to Service usage is another aspect of our use.

We may also communicate with you with your consent for marketing and promotional reasons. Furthermore, we may employ this information to meet legal obligations, like responding to court subpoenas, and to safeguard our legal rights and those of third parties by preventing fraud, for instance.

-Account Credentials and Usage

Our information pertains to your account credentials and usage, including passwords, password hints, account identifiers, tokens provided by e-commerce platforms, and similar security-related data. Additionally, we keep track of subscription duration and other usage statistics associated with your utilization of our Services.

How Do We Use it:

We employ this information for several purposes. It is used to verify your identity, grant access to your account, and offer support. Furthermore, this data aids subscription billing, calculating applicable per transaction or similar fees. Additionally, we utilize this information to understand better how our Services are used and identify potential areas for enhancement.

-Billing and Payment Information

The data we gather includes billing and payment details. To facilitate billing for your usage of the Services, we will utilize your contact information, account credentials, billing preferences, and information stored in your account, such as usage data like completed transaction counts.

Please note: We do not collect or store payment card information. Third-party payment processors or your e-commerce platform provider handles this information. The payment information we retain pertains solely to billing status and payment receipts associated with your use of the Services.

How Do We Use it:

We employ this information primarily for billing, payments, refunds, and collections.

-Sent Information for Processing:

Depending on the App or other Services you use, we may process your personal information and that of third parties. This data could originate from you directly or be shared by others on your behalf. An example is automated information forwarded by your e-commerce platform or a third-party system integrated into your website.

How Do We Use it:

  • Provision of Requested Services: This information is employed to deliver the Services you requested.
  • Legal Compliance: We may use this data to meet legal obligations, such as responding to court subpoenas.
  • Service Performance and Improvement: It's utilized to monitor Service performance, correct errors, offer support, and enhance our Services.
  • Protection of Rights: The information may also safeguard our legal rights or those of third parties, including fraud prevention.

-Demographic and Personal Information

You can voluntarily provide demographic and personal information, which could occur when you register for activities like surveys, training, contests, or feedback requests. You can share your age, gender, location, interests, preferred language, or similar data. Additionally, this kind of information might be collected by a merchant or customer using our Services, who then request us to process the data.

How Do We Use it:

  • Personalizing Your Experience: We utilize this data to tailor your interaction with our Services.
  • Enabling Participation: It facilitates your involvement in optional promotions, activities, and events.
  • Fulfilling Service Requests: The information is employed as necessary to provide the Services you've requested.
  • Targeted Communication: With your consent, we may use this data to send you communications that align with your interests for marketing and promotional reasons.
  • Legal Compliance: This data may be used for legitimate compliance purposes, such as determining your jurisdiction or verifying that you satisfy relevant age criteria. .

-Information Collected From Devices

We gather data from the devices you use to access our Services. This information includes your operating system, web browser, Internet Protocol (IP) address, location, referring URL, and unique device identifiers.

How Do We Use it:

  • Authentication and Enhancement: It aids in authenticating you and enhancing the appearance and functionality of the Services for a better experience.
  • Support: This data is used to provide customer support.
  • Targeted Marketing: It helps in directing marketing and promotional efforts effectively.
  • Research and Development: The information is valuable for research to understand how you utilize our Services, ultimately contributing to improvements and the creation of new offerings.

-Using Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

We employ diverse technical methods like cookies, web beacons, and similar tracking technologies to monitor user interaction with our Services and their interests. "Cookies" are small pieces of data sent to your computer's hard drive while visiting a website. "Web beacons" are tracking technologies that verify content access or comprehend user interests.

You can turn off cookies via your browser settings, but this might affect certain aspects of our Services if essential cookies are blocked.

How Do We Use it:

  • Supporting Functionality: They enable functionalities like retaining privacy preferences, login information, or form completion.
  • Tracking Visits and Traffic: They count visits and sources of traffic, helping us gauge and enhance the promotion and performance of our Services.
  • Enhanced Functionality and Personalization: These technologies offer enhanced features like videos and live chats, either set by us or third-party providers whose services are incorporated into our websites.
  • Compiling Insights: They assist in assembling aggregated, non-identifiable data about our Services' performance and usage.

Remember, this information doesn't contain personally identifiable details.

-Using Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies Collected by Third Parties

Certain third-party tracking technologies, such as cookies mandated by third-party e-commerce platform providers and those used by our advertising partners, might be utilized within our Services. These technologies can identify your interaction with our Services, your interests, and how you engage with advertisements.

You have the option to opt out of many third-party tracking technologies individually. For further details, refer to the Digital Advertising Alliance's opt-out portal at: .

Also, turn off all cookies through your Internet browser. However, it's worth noting that some elements of our Services might not function appropriately if essential cookies are disabled.

How Do We Use it:

  • Service Provision: When required by e-commerce platforms or other service providers to fulfill the Services you've requested.
  • Customer Insights: They contribute to a better understanding of how customers utilize our Services.
  • Targeted Marketing: These technologies aid in directing our marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Targeted Third-Party Offerings: They also assist in targeting third-party offerings that align with your potential interests.

-Information Provided by e-Commerce and Other Platforms

When you install our Apps or other Services on e-commerce platforms like Shopify, we receive information from these platforms. This data could encompass details such as your name, phone number, contact information, and location. Depending on the Services, it involves the contact information of authorized users and customers and other data essential for Service usage.

How Do We Use it:

  • Authentication and Access: It verifies your identity and grants access to our Services.
  • Billing and Support: This data aids in billing processes and providing customer support.
  • Service Delivery and Integration: It's employed as necessary to deliver requested Services and integrate with chosen third-party services.
  • Account Communication: The information helps communicate account-related matters and administrative issues connected to Service use.
  • Marketing and Promotion: With your consent, we may use it to communicate for marketing and promotional reasons.
  • Legal Compliance: This data can be used to meet legal requirements, like responding to court subpoenas.
  • Rights Protection: Additionally, it contributes to safeguarding our legal rights and those of third parties, including preventing fraud.

When We Share Your Data

We do not sell your personal information. We only share your personal information in the following circumstances:

  • When we have obtained your consent or received specific instructions from you
  • With our trusted third-party subcontractors, including hosting providers, as required to provide the Services and support our systems
  • Suppose legal obligations mandate us to share the information, such as responding to a court subpoena. In that case, however, we will try to contact you before doing so unless prevented by legal constraints.
  • In cases where we deem it necessary to protect our legal rights or prevent harm to another party, such as preventing fraud.
  • When our business merges with or is acquired by a third party

By using or registering for our Services, you consent to utilize your information following the details outlined in this Privacy Policy. Additionally, your consent may be sought for collecting, using, and sharing specific data when you participate in contests, promotions, sweepstakes, surveys, or events.

By using our service, you are directing us to process and reveal your information based on the functions of our Service. For instance, if you choose to integrate our Service with a third-party service, you are instructing us to share your data as required by that integrated service. Similarly, if you employ our Service on a specific e-commerce platform like Shopify, you are directing us to share your information following the platform provider's operational requirements. We do not bear responsibility for the actions of these third parties. We recommend reviewing their privacy statements to comprehend how they gather and utilize your information.

Your Rights Regarding Your Data in Our Possession

We provide you with reasonable ways to access and control the personal information that we possess or control. This access and control will typically be accessible through the user interface of our App and Service. If not, kindly reach out to us at for help. We are committed to adhering to all relevant legal obligations related to your data, both present and future. Your entitlements encompass:


We occasionally send you complimentary newsletters and communications to highlight our Services. If you receive such newsletters or promotional messages, you can express your desire to no longer receive them by utilizing the "Stop" or "Unsubscribe" instructions in the communications. It's important to note that opting out of promotional communications doesn't apply to essential administrative notifications, such as those concerning your account, status updates, or revisions to Discount Prime Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

-Options for Modifying or Removing Your Personal Information.

You can modify your personal information directly within the App or Service interface. If that's impossible, ask us to edit or remove your account information by emailing Certain legal or record retention obligations might necessitate keeping some of this information. In such cases, we may not be able to delete all of it immediately; instead, it will be archived and used solely for necessary purposes. We will respond to your requests for personal information editing or deletion within thirty (30) days or sooner if applicable law requires. Otherwise, we will retain your information as long as your account is active and necessary for providing the requested Services or as required by legal obligations, record retention rules, dispute resolution, or enforcement of agreements.

Supplemental GDPR Privacy Statement

The GDPR Privacy Statement pertains to any individual utilizing the Services and located in the European Economic Area (EEA). Based on applicable law, including the European Union's Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), Discount Prime (Aspedan) may need to offer extra and distinct information about how it handles personal data to individuals in the EEA. If you access the Services from an EEA member state through a website catering to an EEA member country, this Supplemental GDPR Privacy Statement applies to you.

Following the GDPR and other applicable laws, Discount Prime, located at “330 Bay Street, Unit 1400 Toronto, Ontario M5H 2S8” is responsible for the personal information we gather. When personal information processing is conducted by our affiliates, subsidiaries, or related entities, they share the responsibility as joint controllers with Discount Prime. Suppose you furnish us with the personal information of third parties for processing, like your customers. In that case, you become the data controller of that information, and we act as the processor for such data.

The underlying legal basis for Discount Prime's processing of your data associated with the Services is primarily established by Article 6(1)(b) of the EU GDPR. This article allows the processing of personal data as necessary for the execution of a contract. By accessing, using, or registering for our Services, you establish a contract with us based on the relevant terms of service, thereby requiring Discount Prime to process your data to provide the requested Services.

However, there are exceptions. Discount Prime relies on your consent for non-essential cookies and direct marketing emails as outlined in Article 6(1)(a) of the EU GDPR. Furthermore, the company pursues legitimate interests as defined by Article 6(1)(f) of the EU GDPR, particularly applicable when Discount Prime is required to process your data to adhere to relevant laws (given its status as a Canada-based entity) or to enhance our business operations and Services.

Transferring Personal Data Beyond the EEA

Discount Prime might transfer certain portions of your data to a country where data protection regulations may not match the level of safeguarding offered by your jurisdiction's laws, including Canada. By relevant laws, Discount Prime will ensure suitable protection for your data through various methods:

Any subsequent transfer is subjected to suitable onward prerequisites as relevant law mandated.

Data Retention

Discount Prime retains personal data for the duration necessary to fulfill the Services you've requested or registered for and adhere to relevant laws and record-keeping obligations.

Data Subject Rights

You possess the right to request access to and correction or deletion of your data or limitations on its processing, along with the right to data portability as per GDPR. You also hold the right to oppose the processing of your data by us based on your specific circumstances, and we may be obliged to halt processing accordingly. Generally, you can contest the processing of your data by us for direct marketing purposes. If you exercise this right, your data won't be processed for such purposes anymore. These rights can be exercised via your account settings or by emailing

Should you have granted consent for non-essential cookies, direct marketing emails, or other data processing rooted in your permission, you retain the right to revoke that consent anytime without affecting the legitimacy of previous processing. Additionally, you are entitled to file a complaint with a regulatory authority.

Your Choices

Providing personal data to Discount Prime is optional; however, refraining from giving any personal data will result in our inability to furnish the Services. In case you provide only partial personal information as requested, certain Services that require specific data for processing may not function as intended.


Concerning the Services, Discount Prime refrains from utilizing automated decision-making or profiling that could lead to legal consequences or significantly impact you.

International Transfers of Your Data

The personal data we gather is usually stored securely in protected hosting facilities within Canada or the European Union. Our staff in different countries may access your data as needed to address your support inquiries and provide maintenance, communication, and developmental services. The specific locations of these personnel vary depending on the particular App.

We will ensure that suitable measures safeguard any transfer of personal data from EEA countries to non-EEA countries. This may include using standard data protection clauses that have received approval from the European Commission and the United Kingdom, as well as implementing binding corporate rules or other legally accepted methods.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Discount Prime retains the right to modify this Privacy Policy and our privacy practices in the future. We will communicate significant alterations to this Privacy Policy through our website and, when suitable, via in-app notifications and/or email messages to the email address(es) we have on record. Notice will be given at least thirty (30) days before the change becomes effective, and the updated date of each Privacy Policy will be displayed alongside the policy. If you continue to use the Services after the notice period has elapsed and the policy modifications have taken effect, it signifies your acceptance of these changes.

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